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The Director General of FRUVECO S. A, aware of his commitment to his clients, has put the human resources and materials necessary to guarantee the services provided. Therefore, he has delegated to the Quality Director of FRUVECO S.A., the establishment of a Quality System based on the Standards/BRC version 7 and the Standard IFS version 6.

The management of FRUVECO S. A defines in the present Quality Manual, the quality policy that develops and applies, based on the following concepts:

1. The Quality System has been communicated, implanted, understood, applied and maintained by the staff of FRUVECO S.A. 

2. The Quality System generates the confidence of the FRUVECO S. A personnel as well as of the Clients, Entities and Official Organizations. 

3. That Special emphasis is placed on preventing errors before they occur and that, when they occur, they can be detected and corrected, avoiding their recurrence. 

4. That the means used to check the quality of the products, are suitable and are selected, gauged and maintained and controlled to meet the required performance. 

5. That the persons whose charges are quoted in the Quality System documents, have adequate training for the functions to be carried out and apply and enforce all the requirements established. 

6. The application of the provisions of this Quality Manual will be carried out giving priority to those aspects aimed at maintaining the safety level by means of a documented HACCP, the quality of the products and the demonstration of this level of safety and Quality. 

7. Rigorously Comply with the legislation and regulations that apply to them, both nationally and internationally.

8. Have modern and rational facilities, suitable for the manufacture of their products of high quality, tidy, clean and safe. 

9. To Establish a working environment that allows the personal satisfaction of its workers, where they observe the norms that govern the ethical work such as the non-existence of forced labour, the possibility of association of the workers, the maintenance of Hygienic and safe conditions for the worker and there will be no discrimination of any kind. 

10. That all operators know and practice hygiene standards implanted in the company to preserve the product from undesirable contamination. The rules of hygiene are extensible for any visitor outside the company being a sharp rule that “failure to COMPLY WITH THESE RULES OF HYGIENE OBLIGED To LEAVE OUR FACILITIES.”

11. Infuse, in all the people who work here, respect for the environment and fulfill all their responsibilities in this matter. The environment Is cared for by separating the wastes according to their physical nature. All wastes are removed by contractors who give you the use that requires each type of scrap.

12. The Company has a security department in charge of Food Defense whose objective is that both the company and the products are protected in terms of food security against intentional sabotage or contamination. 

This policy of quality, has the total commitment and support of the Direction of FRUVECO S. To who establishes it for the achievement of the following fundamental objectives:

1 º Maintain A level of quality and safety suitable. 

2 º Enhance The quality image of its products. 

3 º Avoid economic damages and market losses. 

The Quality Manual is the document that includes the philosophy and guidelines of the Quality System, which are developed in the different procedures referred to in the same and is the responsibility of all the staff of FRUVECO S. A compliance with the Established in this Quality Manual.