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30139 El Raal - Murcia, SPAIN

+34 968 379 000

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Lun - Vi: 8:30 - 18:30

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FRUVECO, S.A.  It is a young company, dynamic, modern, innovative, creative and leading the sector.
FRUVECO, S.A. Its main objective is safety and legality, and manufactures products based on a HACCP to minimise the risks to the health of the consumer that comply with the legality in force in Spain and in the countries that it sells.
FRUVECO, S.A. Aims at quality. To manufacture products that are ever more quality and more palatable to the consumer.
FRUVECO, S.A. It also works in close collaboration with customers to obtain a product whose qualities match the needs of consumers.
FRUVECO, S.A. It is an avant-garde company, of international level, that meets the highest standards of product quality and service, customer oriented and profitable.
FRUVECO, S.A. has contracted responsibility with its workers to form them in the manipulation of food for human consumption so that each operator is aware of what is his responsibility in his job, always taking into account the standards of quality and Working conditions that are carried in this company, Concienciándolos continuously of the importance of being working with products that are destined to the human consumption.
FRUVECO, S.A. It is a source of wealth and prosperity for the region of Murcia, and a generator of resources for all workers linked to this company.
FRUVECO, S.A. It also respects the environmental balance of its environment, in accordance with current legislation.