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The production at FRUVECO is focused on the freezing by means of the IQF system

IQF is the abbreviation for

This process of quick freezing makes the ice crystals that are formed inside the cells of the tissues to be very small. In this way, we avoid that the cells that form the vegetable tissues get broken. Therefore, when the product gets defrost there is no spillage from the cells and this guarantees that the texture, the nutritional values and flavour are the same as if it was a just-harvested product.


The difference between the IQF system and a standard freezing method is the size if the ice crystals formed inside the product. In a standard freezing process, the ice crystals are so big that they break the cells walls, which allows the internal spillage and therefore, the texture, the nutritional values and flavour get deteriorated.


By means of the use of the IQF system, we get the guarantee that the products do not need any chemical product for their preserving. Furthermore, thanks to the drastic changes of temperature, we reduce significantly the presence of microorganisms.