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No one better than our growers know the way to grow and harvest the best vegetables. Our growers together with our agriculturists, assess the picking times and the quality of our products, in order to harvest in the optimum time.

The 30 years’ experience of all our professionals is a very important factor for obtaining the best vegetables and for being able to supply them to our customers.

We dispose of a great variety of raw materials: peppers, artichokes, broccoli, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, celery, cauliflower… 

Complying with our commitment with sustainability and the environment, we work with fields that have not had any contact with contaminating products. 


Full traceability: we carry out a full control starting at the planting of the seeds.


Fully controlled plantations: guarantee of availability of product and total control on the product.


We grow more than 90.000 tons of broccoli within a diameter of 200km from our production plant.


Our main harvesting areas because of their closeness to our factory and because of the quality of the fields are: the region of Murcia, Almería, Castilla La Mancha and Valencia. This is an advantage for the timings, for the means of production and transportation and for the quality in all the stages of the cultivation, which are developed with a high level of excellence.