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We are a family-owned company that started its activity in 1.986 under the name ‘Congelados Ramón Gómez’ and continued its activity under that name until 1.991, when it started under the name it is known nowadays.


We are a technological reference within the fruit and vegetal sector and together with the fact that we are located among the main growing areas of the southeast Mediterranean (Murcia and Almería), also known as ‘the garden of Europe’, we are able to guarantee a constant supply to our customers during the whole year.


We manufacture and sell


Our main assets are the people working with us and for that reason, from FRUVECO we help them to grow in their profession, training them and facilitating the labour and personal conciliation. Therefore, we develop policies such as compensation and profits, flexible payment, labour and family conciliation, etc…


At FRUVECO, we dispose of a Training Plan that is developed every year and it helps us to identify those areas that need improving in terms of training, thanks to the experiences and suggestions from our employees.


At FRUVECO, we all combine forces to obtain better results. We are a company in continuos growth.

We care about the professional growth of


We have at your disposal the best products of our fields, the so called ‘Vegetable Gardens of Europe’, which enables us to gusrantee a constant supply to all our customers all year round.


Thanks to our wide commercial net, we can offer our customers the service they deserve. From our main office Fruveco El Raal – Murcia we sell all our products.


We have the best sales agents and a wide network of distributors and importers in all continents which facilitate the sale of of products all over the world.

We export